Your go-to site for fresh content on Puerto Rican arts and culture - on and off the island. 

Covering arts and culture (like gastronomy, visual arts, music, customs and traditions) on Puerto Ricans on the island, and the diaspora, in a way that expands the definition of what it means to be Puerto Rican, with a special focus on covering the underserved and underrepresented Boricuas (Puerto Ricans). 

Updates on art and culture events

Want to know where there'll be live music? Would you like to got to an art show? We got you covered! There will be bi-weekly posts about upcoming arts and culture events in various areas.

Live and Recorded Interviews

Interviews with cultural tastemakes, up-and-coming and established artists and more, will broaden the scope of Bori coverage; entertain and inform our audience through brief, bite-sized clips.

A little bit of history

As part of covering Boris all over the world, we will highlight important moments and figures from history, that throughout time have rePResented in arts and culture.

English and Spanish

Committed to meeting Boris where they are, not just in location but also language, content is in English and Spanish. 

Reporting beyond borders

Boricuas can be found everywhere, with millions living on the Caribbean island, and millions living elsewhere too. Coverage aims to welcome all Boris. 

Más, como tú. 

There's isn't just one way to be Boricua. And this reporting aims to reflect that. 

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Mariela Santos-Muñiz is a Puerto Rican journalist, with more than 5 years of journalism experience. Completely fluent in English and Spanish, her beat is covering Latinx people, especially those in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

A freelancer in the past, her writing has appeared in NBC News Latino, The Daily Dot, Ensia, The Open Notebook, Nylon, and more. She's a former IWMF Gwen Ifill Fellow, and ICFJ Building Your Brand Program participant. In addition, she's the founder of the informal journalism network for Puerto Rican women in journalism, the Puertorriqueñas Journalism Network (PJN).